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23 Feb 2018

Meet Our Team: Loren Huff

Building and maintaining a client relationship can be tough for anyone, but Loren Huff somehow can handle dozens at once. How, you ask?

“Well I read a lot of cheesy romance Nicholas Sparks novels, so that might help,” Huff says, laughing.

As the lead for our account management crew, Huff is Cobb’s secret weapon for keeping our clients happy and satisfied. Like her Sharpei Boxer, Jackson, she knows how to bring in a pleasant attitude and a warm heart to all those surrounding her.

Born in upstate New Jersey, Huff spent almost her whole life here in Virginia. This upcoming June, she’ll be celebrating her fourth year with the company. She specializes in managing several client accounts and finances with Cobb. Being the first point of contact, her team knows exactly where to go when looking for answers to their questions.

“She’s very endearing, very approachable…sweet is just an understatement,” said business relationship manager Maria McLaughlin. “She demonstrates good quality to both the customers and to her co-workers, especially since she has that sweet, easily recognizable voice.”

Her favorite aspect of the job is meeting new workers and hanging out with all the people. Huff is also a Cobb Ambassador, meaning she welcomes new company workers on their first day to teach them what Cobb is all about.

16 Nov 2017

Meet Our Team: Monica Newcomer

Monica Newcomer is a business improvement specialist at Cobb. She will be celebrating her seventh year at Cobb in March of 2018. Previously, Monica was a helpdesk specialist in Cobb’s SIMS Center, and moved into her current role within the last year.

Specializing in improving office efficiency and productivity, she also helps her customers lower costs. Her favorite part of her job is connecting with people and building long-term relationships. Along with other great attributes, she always brings a cheerful element of positivity and encouragement to our team. 

Monica lives with her husband of nine years, Justin, and their 4-year-old daughter, Riley, in the Richmond area. When she’s not in the office, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends.