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Meet Your Cobb Team: Cathy Miles, Richmond Sales Manager

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What I love about my job is just having the opportunity, on a regular basis, to meet with customers face-to-face and to get to know their company and learn about their culture -their initiatives, their challenges- and then to be able to, through qualifying and understanding where they are and where they want to be, provide a solution for them.

Hi, My Name is Cathy Miles. I’ve been here at Cobb since 2015, and on a day-to-day basis, I help my customers by maximizing their business technology so that I can help them be more effective, more productive, and to improve their profitability.

I meet with my customers on a regular basis through account reviews and regular conversation so that I can make sure that my customers are getting the best service, and that if there are things that we need to do to improve: that we’re having those conversations.

I also like to understand what their initiatives are so that if there’s another way that I can offer some resources to them by providing managed IT services or voice-over IP, or just another solution that would help them in their line of business.

My son has been playing baseball for 10 years, and he’s currently playing up at Randolph-Macon, so my husband and I are new empty-nesters, and we are just getting out there and enjoying time together. We enjoy going up to Charlottesville to go to some of the wineries there, we love getting out on the Rappahannock and just being out on the water, and we have a very energetic lab, so getting him out on daily walks is extremely important. Then at the end of the day, we just enjoy being out on the deck, around the fire pit, and enjoying some good music.

So now what you’ve learned about me, I would love to learn about you and your company and how I can help. So feel free to reach out, I look forward to hearing from you. Bye!


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