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Meet Your Cobb Team: Ted Avers, Business Improvement Specialist

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Click here to email Ted at tavers@cobbtechnologies.com

Click here to call Ted at 804-767-7636

My goal is to really become a partner for my business clients, I want them to be able to reach out to me and my supporting staff behind me to see if there’s anything we can do to improve their efficiencies with their technology.

Most people know Cobb as a printing solutions provider, but we also do everything else in between, so I want them to be able to reach out to me - most of my clients actually have my cell phone number so that they can text me - and it’s really more of a partnership than it is a business transaction.

Hello, I’m Ted Avers, I’m a Business Improvement Specialist at Cobb Technologies. In my day-to-day, I reach out to my current customers and also reach out to net new customers just to see how they’re doing and see if any of our services can help out their business both now and in the future. In the long term, I also look at their revenue and their finances with their printing solutions, just to see if anything makes sense to help them save money in the long term.

In my spare time, I’m an avid sports fan. I love the Boston Red Sox - any Boston Team: The New England Patriots, Boston Celtics… I follow those teams with passion.

I have a lovely wife that I’ve been married to since the summer of 2019, Holly.

And I take my dog on walks down the James River - anywhere we can hike.

I also sit on three non-profit boards here in the Richmond area, one being Cobb Imprint. I’m also part of the young professional board of Habitat for Humanity, and I sit on the board for one of the non-profits I actually do work with: Friends Association for Children.

If you ever see me downtown on the James River with my wife or my dog please feel free to say hello and see if Cobb Technologies can help you out with anything!


Say 'hi!" to Ted!