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Time to Level Up! The Elevation Changes of the 2021 CobbtoberRun!

The 2021 Race to Richmond is right around the corner! Watch the video above to see the total number of miles and elevation changes Steve, Alicia, Keri, Linda, and Landon will traverse over the course of their six-day, 350-mile relay run!

CobbtoberRun 2021 - Steve Scott

Last year, Steve Scott, a Service Technician for Cobb Technologies, and veteran of the World Marathon Challenge, ran 168 miles from Danville, Virginia, to Cobb’s headquarters in Glenn Allen, Virginia to raise money for Cobb’s charitable arm, Imprint.

Cobbtoberfest 2021 Is Here!

Last year, a Cobb employee, Steve Scott, ran 168 miles to raise money for charity. This year, Steve and five other runners are running a total of 350 miles, across the state of Virginia.

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