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August 13th, 2020 | 2 PM

Kerri Colby White, Co-Founder of KerriJames
Peter Larsen, Senior Business Improvement Specialist


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Looking for fresh new ideas to build your personal brand during this ongoing pandemic? This week, Coffee With Cobb welcomes Peter Larsen, Senior Business Improvement Specialist with Cobb Technologies, and special guest Kerri Coby White. Kerri is a Richmond-based marketing consultant who specializes in working with law firms to dramatically enhance their client engagement. Kerri is a frequent corporate trainer on using LinkedIn. This week, Peter and Kerri will ping-pong questions and comments to each other about how building your brand though LinkedIn is more important now than ever! Please join us this Thursday August 13th at 2pm, for a very unique Coffee With Cobb experience.

Kerri Coby White is a marketing consultant working with law firms and other professional service providers who seek to build their brand and increase their client base through an approach that marries the best of relationship-driven and data-driven techniques. Kerri has spent more than 20 years honing her skills as a marketing professional, training and presenting on digital growth strategies, communication, and the value of good client relationships. Kerri and her partner James founded KerriJames in 2018 with the belief that the biggest opportunity for growth is amplifying the voice of satisfied clients.


Click here to download the slides from this Coffee With Cobb session. 


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