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Cobbtoberfest 2021: Meet the Team

Learn about the five runners who are crossing the state of Virginia to raise money that will go directly towards supporting youth across the state!

Noah Maphis: in 2020 the year of canceled events, our very own Steve Scott, marathoner extraordinaire, decided to run 168 miles from Danville, all the way to Richmond Virginia, raising awareness and funds for Imprint’s mission. We ended up raining over $21,000, all of which went back into the community to serve and support our youth through various initiatives.


Steve Scott: So, this year I’ve invited some people who ran around the world with me. We’ve got people coming from all over the United States running with me. 

through various initiatives 


Keri Mandell: Hi, my name is Keri Mandell, and I’m from Princeton, New Jersey.


Landon Moss: Hi, I’m Landon Moss.


Alicia Kletter: Hi, I’m Alicia Kletter, I’m a mom, a nurse practitioner, and a doctoral student from San Francisco, California. 


Linda: Hi, I’m Linda Carrier, and I live in Pinehurst, North Carolina. 


Noah: I’m Noah Maphis, the Director of Imprint, and I’m inviting you to our 2021 Cobbtoberfest fundraiser where we will celebrate these runners crossing the finish line. Join us on October 29th in Glen Allen for a night of live music, food trucks, wine and beer, raffle prizes, local vendors, and a whole lot of activities for kids.


Linda: We are raising monies benefitting Imprint, whose mission is to serve and feed the children in our communities. 


Noah: We often partner with local schools and many other grassroots nonprofits who are doing amazing work for kids. We support them by helping promote programs that provide literacy and education, housing security, food security, and promote childhood wellness. 


Alicia: When Steve reached out to me a few months ago to see if I’d run a charity event with him, I don’t hesitate to say “yes!”


Linda: I’m running across Virginia because Steve Scott who ran the 2020 World Marathon Challenge with me asked me.


Keri: I’m participating in this run across Virginia because I thought it was a great opportunity to give back to explore the beautiful state of Virginia and to help Imprint raise money for all the incredible work they do to change lives.


Landon: As co-owner of Head Up Eyes Forward, our whole point and mission is to give back to others and to help people and so that is a huge passion of mine. I’m honored to be a part of being able to raise some money and hopefully to be able to touch some lives in that process.


Alicia: As a mother and nurse practitioner, I’m a big believer in early intervention for children's mental and physical health. The Imprint Cobtoberfest run event supports community work with children's charities across the state of Virginia, and I cannot be more excited to use my feet for such a great cause.


Landon: For me, I run for my mental health and for my physical health. I fell in love with running at a low point in my life, physically and mentally, and running played a huge role in me losing a lot of weight but also helping to deal with anxiety and stress in the proper ways.


Linda: The reason I run is to burn energy and to control my type 1 diabetes.


Alicia: I started running 22 years ago on a whim after being encouraged to sign up for a 10k race without any concept of what that distance even was. I was hooked immediately and over the past two decades my feet have taken me all over the world. 


Keri: I started running about 10 years ago as a form of fitness and a way to challenge myself, and since then I have completed all six of the World Marathon Majors, and the World Marathon Challenge.


Alicia: It won't be easy, but I’m sure it will be another incredible experience alongside my friend Steve, and other runners


Keri: I’m excited about the upcoming adventure, and I hope that you will come out and support us, and we’ll see you at Cobbtoberfest. Thank you.


Linda: Thank you.


Landon: I’m looking so forward to this event and we'll talk again soon. 


Steve: We'll keep in touch and we’ll see you guys at the finish line, October 29th.


Noah: Thank you so much! You are not going to want to miss this. Stay up-to-date with all things race and Cobbtoberfest through our website and our social media accounts. And if you’re moved to support our runners now, you can sponsor a mile or two, or twenty, through our Venmo account at @cobbimprint. We can’t wait to see you on the 29th!

Noah Maphis
Noah Maphis
I’m the Director of Community Outreach and Corporate Events and am also the Director of Cobb’s 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, Imprint. I’ve been involved in nonprofit work since 2017, and have worked on both causes local to Virginia, and across the world, including Costa Rica, and Latvia. In my free time, I like being outside, hanging with my friends and family, and watching Beyoncé music videos.

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