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Watch: Imprint's Mission - In Under 3 Minutes!

Learn more about Imprint's mission, achievements, and history in under 3 minutes!

Below is a transcription of the video:

Noah Maphis, Director of Imprint:
Imprint is the charitable arm of Cobb Technologies, and we have been around since 2016 when we made the decision to kind of turn all of our outreach efforts and streamline them and really focus on them and turn the organization into an official five of 23 nonprofit.

As an organization, we really want to help create a solid foundation for the youth in our community so that they can succeed, and a lot of the time that means meeting the needs of food security, housing, security, education and promoting literacy and also just promoting their well-being and making sure they're healthy and happy as they're doing so.

We really partner with a lot of local organizations who are doing really awesome work and finding out how we can help them help our community.

One of the goals, when it was first created, was to be an outlet for Cobb employees to serve the community together. And since then we just have realized that the more the merrier, and really one of the highlights of the organization has been having all of these facets of the community working together for good and to really make change.

So there are three main ways in which Imprint helps our partner organizations, and the first is through financial support. Throughout the year we're always fundraising with different events and such because we love to be able to help these small organizations financially where we can.

The second one is through hands-on support. You know, we are always looking for volunteer opportunities where we can, as a team, really get in there and help with some of these projects that these organizations are working on and kind of meet those needs.

And lastly, as the charitable arm of Cobb Technologies, we know that our voice has a little bit of weight and that we reach an audience that these organizations might not be able to reach alone. So we love to lend our voice and just advocate for their mission and on their behalf when we can.

So we always have our golf tournament in the spring, and then every October we celebrate Cobbtober - so we have a silent auction, or we do our Cobbtober run, and then sprinkled in throughout the year we have lots of give-back nights. So there are so many ways to get involved. If you want to putt on the green with us, or if you want to join one of our volunteer nights, there are always ways that you can get involved too.

To learn more, visit cobbimprint DOT org, and also be sure to follow us on social media. We'll see you soon!

Noah Maphis
Noah Maphis
I’m the Director of Community Outreach and Corporate Events and am also the Director of Cobb’s 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, Imprint. I’ve been involved in nonprofit work since 2017, and have worked on both causes local to Virginia, and across the world, including Costa Rica, and Latvia. In my free time, I like being outside, hanging with my friends and family, and watching Beyoncé music videos.

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Watch: Imprint's Mission - In Under 3 Minutes!

Learn more about Imprint's mission, achievements, and history in under 3 minutes!

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