The Ultimate Work From Home Guide - ebook download

Collaboration, security, solutions, and best practices - the comprehensive guide to boosting remote productivity

“The new normal.” It’s a phrase we’ve all been hearing a lot — the problem is, for most of us, this isn’t normal. Staying inside as much as possible, kids on summer vacation in March, and under shelter-in-place orders from states experiencing high numbers of positive cases of COVID-19.

While all of these changes are dramatic, challenging, and stress-inducing, there’s none as daunting as the work-from-home situation we’ve all been forced into.

There are a lot of businesses that weren’t ready for a change as harsh, immediate, and widespread as this — and because of that, too many employees of those companies are struggling to effectively communicate, produce, and most importantly — keep cash flowing.

That’s why we’re releasing this guide; to give you a roadmap for getting your business operating at full capacity once again, all while remaining remote and healthy.

Topics covered in this ebook:

How Much Does it Cost to Use Slack and Microsoft Teams?

Collaboration Software Problems

Slack vs. Microsoft Teams - Which Offers More Functionality

What’s the Best Collaboration Platform?

How Much Does VoIP Cost?

VoIP Problems

What’s the Best VoIP Platform?

File Sharing and eSignature Software - How Much Do They Cost?

File Sharing and eSignature Software Problems

DocuSign vs. PandaDoc

Google Drive vs. OneDrive

What’s the Best File Sharing Software?

How Much Do VPNs Cost?

How Much Does KVM Software Cost?

VPN Problems: Common Issues

What’s Better - A VPN, or KVM Software?

Which Costs More - Cloud or On-Premise?

Cloud Services: Pros and Cons

Who is the Best Cloud Provider?

How Much Does Project Management Software Cost?

What’s the Best Project Management Software?

What’s the Best Method of Remotely Connecting With My Clients?