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Cobb Technologies: A Virginia Company, With National Reach

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Watch to learn more about how we support our clients locally, and across the United States! Transcript available below.


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Below is a transcript of the video.

Geri Hodnett, Cobb Sales Leadership:

Since 1990, Cobb has strived to serve our customers with tailored business solutions. We are a family-owned, independent technology company. We are not beholden to the manufacturers, we are brand-agnostic. This means that we carefully handpick our offerings based upon your needs, and we continually search for equipment and applications to improve the effectiveness of your organization.



Cobb is headquartered in Glen Allen, Virginia - just 15 minutes outside of Richmond. While we provide businesses across Virginia with cutting-edge technology, we also proudly support clients across the United States. [We’re a] local company with national reach. 


Brittany Barrafato Account Operations Supervisor:

We put a real emphasis on clear communication and person-to-person relationships. Unlike the manufacturers, when you partner with Cobb, you’re assigned a dedicated Account Manager. 



Instead of having to call one call center number for leasing, another one for billing, another for services, and then a fourth for supplies, you get a single point of contact - Your Account Manager is your in-house expert who will handle all these things for you.



Additionally, they keep track of your equipment usage, services, and overall costs. Together, your Account Manager and Technology Sales Specialist will meet with you regularly for account reviews, and provide you with customized reports that will give you an insight into how your organization uses your technology. 


Hannah McCollum, Resolutions Specialist:

 Cobb also has an in-house help desk located right in Cobb’s Richmond headquarters. The Resolution Specialists at the SIMS Center will work with you over the phone to provide remote technical support and troubleshoot your problems. When you call the SIMS center, you’ll hear a friendly Cobb voice in fewer than two rings.



We’re serious about our service - we have about 400 locations across the United States that we can provide service from - that’s more than most manufacturers. And we do this by capitalizing on all our manufacturer programs - Canon, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, and HP- to provide excellent service beyond our established borders



We’re also a member of the CDA: a tight-knit coalition of business technology providers spread out through North America. Service Technicians from CDA member organizations undergo continual training to earn credentials like the Konica Pro-Tech and Canon ATSP certifications. We leverage each other's strengths to provide you with even further coverage and support across the United States.


Paul Binder, Director of Technical Training:

Our support runs the gamut from desktop printers to large production machines. Both the CDA and our manufacturer programs allow us to have an expansive network of Field Technicians trained to uniformly high standards that ensure they can fulfill our service level agreement on all imaging products, regardless of manufacturer. 



When our Field Technicians respond to your service call, the call will include regular maintenance to keep your equipment working efficiently.  



Cobb uses NEXERA to monitor service technicians and gauge our first-call efficiency and demand time. NEXERA allows us to measure and maintain our service level agreement across the country. We strive to keep it uniform across the board. 



Using Snapshot and our EKM system, we're able to look at your device, meaning we can troubleshoot your imaging equipment from anywhere and proactively replenish supplies. 



Cobb is here to provide you with a holistic approach to your business technology. We’re more than happy to extend our scanning workflows to your out-of-state offices to ensure that your business processes are streamlined. We make things like automatic routing and notifications, OCR, forms processing, and employing AI to advance your business’ functions, readily available to you. 



If you’re looking for an active, responsive, flexible technology partner whose goal is to make sure your business is working efficiently, give us a call we're here to help.



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