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Cooking With Cobb - Overnight Oats

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We are back!!!!! And this week’s episode is a fun one- we are making overnight oats three different ways but this time we have our very own, Greg Green taste test for us!



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As always, thanks for watching and make sure you wash those hands when cooking for your friends!

A little back story: Greg is a longtime employee of Cobb Technologies and one of my absolute favorite people. He was helping me pick up a large donation of food items for Imprint, when our conversation (naturally) turned to our favorite foods. We realized that we shared a love for oatmeal and I enlightened Greg on the wondrous, quick breakfast that is overnight oats. Needless to say, since then Greg has been very curious as to what “cold oatmeal” would be like.  I figured an episode of Cooking with Cobb was the perfect excuse to whip some up for him. Stay tuned to see if we passed the taste test!



Cooking with Cobb Card - Overnight Oats


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