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Inside Our Sales Team's Canon Training Experience

Inside Our Sales Team's Canon Training Experience
Inside Our Sales Team's Canon Training Experience

This March, four of our Sales Representatives headed to Atlanta for a two-week Canon training camp. This immersive training aimed to enhance their skills, deepen their product knowledge, and refine their sales techniques. We sat down with Natalie Fisher and Taylor Dobrucky to get the inside scoop.

Week One: Laying the Foundation

The first week was all about diving deep into the sales process. Through hands-on demos and interactive discussions, our team explored every step in detail. 

One standout moment involved a group exercise where each rep took on different roles: one as the salesperson, another as the client, and a third as the observer, tasked with evaluating the salesperson’s adherence to a checklist. This checklist asked crucial questions like, "Did the salesperson effectively engage with the customer?" and "Was there ample opportunity for the customer to interact with the product?"

Following the demo, roles were rotated, giving everyone a chance to experience firsthand the dynamics of various sales scenarios. This immersive training format heightened awareness of best practices and sharpened customer interaction skills.


Week Two: Refinement and Application

As week two rolled around, the sessions transitioned into hybrid classes, combining traditional instruction with practical exercises. Topics ranged from refining sales pitches to mastering the art of cold calling.

Natalie shared a standout moment — a board game where participants rolled dice to move a piece down a board, with each space on the board encapsulating a step in the sales process. 

“The lesson was like, you need to go through the whole process; You need to develop value with your customer, and I always knew that, but putting it to an actual physical game that you could see the repercussions quickly, instead of learning the hard way, was a really cool moment,” Taylor explained.

Insights and Takeaways

The training wasn't just about learning—it was about interaction. Our reps bonded with each other, as well as with peers from different offices, soaking up diverse perspectives in a collaborative, tight-knit environment. 

One highlight? Canon's innovative approach to adult learning. Rather than passively absorbing information, our reps were actively engaged through interactive exercises and learning games. This approach allowed for better retention and encouraged critical thinking, ensuring that the lessons learned would stick long after the training ended.

Reflecting on their experience, our reps appreciated the focused learning environment and the opportunity to delve deep into the intricacies of Canon's devices. 

“I think a lot of us didn't really know what we were getting into,” said Natalie. “What we wanted out of it was to learn more information about the product and the sales process, and I think they nailed it. By the end, everybody was fairly impressed and walked out with a lot of new information.” 

Overall, the Canon training camp proved to be an invaluable experience for our Sales Reps. They each gained a boost of knowledge and skills to continue delivering exceptional service to our clients. As they step back into their roles, they do so with a fresh sense of confidence.

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