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What is Square9?

What is Square9?
What is Square9?

How many minutes of your day are taken up by scanning, and organizing documents? If you were to lose one of those documents, how would it affect your business?

If you’re drowning in document storage, management, and processes, you’ll want to stick around. There are a lot of document management solutions, but most are designed for large corporations with deep pockets and rely heavily on environment customization.

If you need a document management solution that can be quickly implemented, requires little customization, and fits neatly into your budget, then Square9 may be the solution for you. By the end of this blog, you’ll know enough about Square9 to make an educated decision about how it could fit (or not fit) into your office’s document management process.


At its core, Square9 is a document management and workflow automation software, designed to make organizing and storing documents as simple as possible. 

Square9 gives you the ability to scan a document on a multi-function printer or scanner, and through the use of OCR (optical character recognition), the information on the scanned document is captured, and then analyzed to determine where to route the document: to a shared destination, or to an employee who needs to make adjustments to the document, or approve the document before it can be stored.

Square9 is a true all-in-one solution for any organization that wants to automate a document-dependent process; whether it be AP environments, order processing, or inventory management. If one of your critical processes relies on a physical document, Square9 can speed up the process of capturing the information off those forms, and route them through the processes that are necessary to the effective operations of your organization.

Imagine that your organization is sending out invoices to customers. Because you’re billing the customer, you need to acknowledge that the customer has received and paid the invoice, and you want to be able to store those paid invoices and file them by the customer’s name or number that originates from your invoice document or software. With Square9, to achieve this process, all you’d need to do (once your automation process is configured) is scan the document. After that, everything is automated.

Square9 is capable of using OCR to capture many forms of visual data on a document: whether an invoice has a “Paid” checkbox marked, a line denoting that it is paid, or even a handwritten note — if you tell Square9 to look for a piece of data, and its on the document, it will find it, and route it accordingly.

Square9 can even directly add to the functionality of your copier — single-button workflows can be added to your copier’s user interface. For example, if you created a workflow for a paid invoice, you can scan that document, and then press the “paid invoice” button on your copier. That document would then be scanned, its data captured, and then routed into a hot folder, where it will go through the workflow your service provider has designed for your customized Square9 solution.

Square9 uses OCR zonal capture — meaning if you direct it to search a particular area of a document for information — and to categorize and file it based on that information found, it will do so. Square9 also makes it simple to change the information that is being captured, so if the incomes you’re receiving change, you can go into your Square9 admin portal and direct the software to being scanning for new information, or for where the information is on the new layout.

Essentially, Square9 gives you access to the follow feature set:

  1. Document workflow automation
  2. OCR
  3. Routing
  4. Storage (local or cloud)


Square9 is designed to be simple to implement, easy to change, and made to fit in any digital environment — no matter what brand of multi-function printer you use, or if you use Windows or Mac OS.

By using Square9, you can completely negate your dependance on physical storage, and therefore increase your resiliency against disaster. If a pipe were to burst in your records room, and the documents were destroyed, would you be able to recover them? With Square9, this question is moot.

Plus, Square9 takes out all the tedium of document workflows, reducing your workload, and the opportunity to make a mistake. This helps your organization at its most critical growth points, and reduces the stress of increasing workloads and customer accounts.

If you’d like to learn more about document management, check out our blog.

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