Simplify your business
Document imaging & management

Things can get hectic in today’s fast-paced business environment. Ensuring that your staff can be in control of their paperwork, secure their documents, and streamline processes should be a top priority. Cobb’s information management solutions team has 100+ years of experience in document management, design, and software implementation.

Each of our current digital solutions clients were able to cut costs tremendously and/or manage workflows more efficiently with the products our team implemented in day-to-day operations. Interestingly enough, a majority of our current clients didn’t even know they had a need until they considered the following questions:

  • How are you managing your costs of printing and copying?
  • How are you managing your documents and data?
  • What are your critical documents and how do they flow through your business?

Our digital solutions portfolio consists of three areas built around the issues that these questions often present businesses.

Output Management Solutions
With our Output Management Solutions suite, we offer a number of products that work in tandem with your print & imaging hardware or any other output devices you may have at your organization.

  • Manage user accessibility and encourage responsible printing habits.
  • Keep your paper and toner costs down by tracking usage stats.
  • Ensure your printers and/or imaging devices are compliant and secure.

Content Management Solutions
Keeping track of critical documents and files can be a hassle. Our Content Management Solutions suite lets your data work for you, giving you flexible methods to track down even the most obscure of documents in your network.

  • Digitize and secure your physical documents to cut down on clutter.
  • Backup your critical documents in case of emergency.

Document Workflow Solutions
Whether it’s your organization’s sales process or HR documentation, the flow of your documents from person-to-person and location-to-location is critical to your business. With our Document Workflow Solutions suite, we provide the tools to increase productivity and security.

  • Streamline your organization’s document exchange methods.
  • Maximize the scanning and faxing capabilities of your printers.
  • Track accessibility and set security restrictions on critical documents.