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Meet Your Cobb Team: Beth Johnson, Regional Sales Manager

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Get to know Beth Johnson, a Regional Sales Manager here at Cobb! 

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Click here to email Beth at bjohnson@cobbtechnologies.com

Click here to call Beth at 434-473-6601

Hi, I’m Beth Johnson. I’ve been with Cobb since 1996 and have seen a huge growth in the technology industry over that time, from starting back with the original analog copier to what we have today: the digital machine that does printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. The one thing though that has never changed is Cobb’s commitment to the customer. My job is to share your vision and help you accomplish that goal on a day-to-day basis.

I work with current and new clients on their document workflow solutions. I also look at new initiatives for their businesses, some of these might be managed IT services, maybe voice over IP, looking at security as it relates to scanning, and also helping companies go paperless for the future.

I love working with animals, especially dogs, so if there’s a dog rescue that I can help with, I’m there. One of my favorites is the Blind Dog Rescue Alliance, and what they do is you volunteer to transport a dog to a foster family and these foster families actually work with the dog and teach them the things regular dogs take for granted: how to move around their environment and how to be safe doing so. Another thing that my husband and I love to do is we love to travel. The warmer the better, and with that, we love to snorkel so that's my favorite thing to do in the summer months. Another thing that my husband and I like to do is we like to go down to the VIR race track and take our Corvette. We get out there, we run a few laps, and meet other people.

So if you're ever down that way stop by the Corvette corral, introduce yourself, and tell me a little bit more about your business.


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