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Meet Your Cobb Team: Doug Woodside, Senior Technology Sales Specialist

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Click here to email Doug at dwoodside@cobbtechnologies.com

Click here to call Doug at 434-473-7408

I love to be in a physical and mental activity with other people. Sales gives me the chance to partner with other people where we’re both on the same team, shoulder-to-shoulder, looking out and trying to come up with a better solution. Trying to come up with a better pass play. Trying to come up with a better jump shot. And lay defense, which is not nearly as fun, but which I thoroughly relish when I used to play ball. So I see us as teammates, and whatever I can do to move the ball forward that belongs to you, makes all of us win.

Hey, Douglas Woodside here - I go by Doug. My passion is people and relationships; finding a need-based solution for your copiers, your printers, your phone systems, all that, is what I relish. And how to bring what you want, what you desire, what you need to the forefront and make a win-win solution for everybody that is what I desire, and that is what I would love to see develop.

My wife and I have been married since 1984. I have two wonderful sons, two wonderful
daughters-in-law, two excellent grandchildren, and two grand animals, and two pets of our own. I like to write - I like to write poetry, I’ve written a novel: “Homicide Hotline: a Tale of Murder, Romance, and Intriguery.” I also really enjoy physical exercise. I run every other day, I do yard work, and relish the time I have with my hands in the dirt. I love sports. I graduated from [The University of] Virginia here in Charlottesville, and since I’m living here, it’s very easy to follow the ‘Hoos up and down.

Thanks so much, looking forward to meeting. WaHooWa!


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