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Meet Your Cobb Team: Jason Holmes, IT Solutions Specialist

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I've been in this industry since 2019, starting off on the Imaging side, sitting down with customers and talking about everything from Document Management needs to software and hardware solutions as well. That's really aided in our ability to integrate systems on the network infrastructure side with the imaging equipment to really create a more comprehensive solution for our customers, and that's really aided in the success of our team here. 

I'm Jason Holmes, I’m a Solution Specialist; we help customers all over Virginia take control of their I.T. We want to establish a great understanding of what you have going on in terms of IT for your business and then identify your needs and what we can do to help you really better manage that environment.

We also help with Voice Over IP phone solutions to help you better communicate internally and with your customers. We also provide Managed Print Solutions as well, to help you better manage and really drive down costs for those print fleets. 

Apart from technology, I love to sing and write music, so I'm actually working on an album right now - hopefully, everybody will hear it soon. I also love to cook and participate in any action sports. So whether it's mountain biking or snowboarding, I really just love to get outside and have some fun. 

Thanks for watching, hopefully, you learned a little bit more about me in this video. We hope to hear from you soon and learn more about your business.


Say 'hi!" to Jason!