A cloud-based phone system built for the way you work
Voice Over IP

Telephones have been an office mainstay for over 100 years, but the times are changing. Voice over IP telephony is the flexible, low-maintenance alternative to analogue phones that harnesses the power of the internet to provide you with advanced features such as:

  • Phone Lists
  • Call Waiting
  • Click-to-Dial
  • E911
  • Compliant Extension Dialing
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Outlook Integration


  • Priority Alert Ringing
  • High Definition Voice
  • Inbound Fax Capability
  • Configurable Feature Codes
  • Simultaneous Ring - Personal
  • Calling Line ID Delivery Per Call
  • Redial/Hold/Transfer/3-Way Calling
  • Access to Real, Experienced VoIP Engineers

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VoIP boasts centralized control that allows you to direct all calls to a single phone number. From this one number, your digital VoIP receptionist can then route the calls to the correct recipient. With VoIP, you can handle simultaneous calls without worrying about agent availability, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of having multiple phone lines without needing to maintain them.



VoIP allows you to protect your privacy and eliminate the need for additional phones by routing office calls straight to your mobile phone. With VoIP you can access your calls, emails, and applications on the go using your mobile devices. 



Cut costs by moving to a maintenance-free, cloud-based VoIP phone system accessed over the internet, and eliminate phone bills forever when you make calls through the internet.