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Adopt These 5 Business Trends To Help Keep Your Employees Happy

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A passion for the work you do is an essential factor in . However, while passion is the spark, your productivity is what will keep that fire burning. As time moves forward, it's important to be aware that each generation works differently from those before them. Not only that, but the ways businesses operate are changing as well. Brick and mortar locations are becoming less relevant for certain businesses in today's world. Below is a list of technological and cultural changes to take note of to help streamline your projects and make productivity a breeze in our ever-changing society.

Social Media and Marketing

As mentioned, it's becoming increasingly important to maintain a solid web presence for your business. This means embracing social media culture as well as maintaining an easily navigable website. There are a myriad of platforms that can promote your business, but the big three remain Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Discuss with your in-house marketing department or an outside consultancy about the best ways to take advantage of these different platforms. There are different programs available that consolidate these different media, such as HubSpot and Buffer, allowing you to quickly coordinate company news and information across all platforms.

Company Values

Not only is it important to be active on social media, but it also matters how you use it. Different platforms exists for different needs- LinkedIn is great for posting professional articles that align with your business model and industry, while Facebook and Instagram can be more loosely structured. For special events and promotions, taking advantage of options such as Live Video feeds can promote your business in real time! It matters to your customers what your company stands for, not just the products you sell.

A brand that does this well is Nike- they are able to sell not only sporting goods, but also the lifestyle that comes with it. Of course, Nike is a global brand that works with highly skilled advertisers, and they've been building their brand for over thirty years to make it what it is today. However, the basic principle behind their strategy can be applied to your small business as well, by asking yourself a simple question. What can we show our customers in real time, that will allow a more in-depth understanding of our core values? Document those moments in your workplace that humanize you.

Use Data to Your Advantage

Today, there are large volumes of data about virtually everything. Use it! You're now able to access more information than previously thought possible, including your clients' likes and dislikes. This is called "big data". You suddenly have a first hand look at what is working for your customers, based on their click history and their responses to your online marketing. Once you have this information, you can tailor your marketing campaigns to reach out personally to different clients. This will give you a leg up over the competition, as your customers will feel as though you are attending to their personal needs.

Essential Tech Must-Haves

As you've seen, progress has changed the game in terms of how small businesses are run. Why should tech gadgets be any different? Strive for maximum productivity in every aspect of your business, including your office equipment. There are a lot of things that could help with optimization, but the basics come down to multi-use applications, including MFPs (multi-function printers), mobile devices, and external hard drives that allow you to back up all of your company's information. Since work spaces are becoming more and more spread out, it's important for your team to remain in contact with each other. MFPs are great for that because they include options such as the traditional fax, as well as "scan and send" or "scan and store". Company mobile devices are excellent options as well, since they allow all members to stay in contact and on the same page. Video conferencing is another way to keep in touch and expand market reach, especially when working on collaborative projects or meeting with potential clients.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is not as far-off as Hollywood has made it look. Really, it's all around us. From Siri to self-driving cars, our world in becoming increasingly reliant on this emerging technology. Companies are becoming increasingly dependent on AI for finding data patterns, as well as tracking the demographics of your client base. While it is still in the early stages of development, the technology is advancing rapidly. Now is the time to learn about and incorporate it into your business, so you stay up to date with its progress and potential.

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