Chuck Knight

Chuck is a Solutions Architect & M.A.P.S. Program Manager at Cobb Technologies. He joined Cobb in June 2023, bringing 23 years of experience in office technology and 8 years in network infrastructure and design. Chuck excels at helping businesses navigate new technology requirements and security risk mitigation through a holistic, consultative approach. By focusing on the customer's business processes as a whole, he makes recommendations that align with their core objectives. Outside of work, Chuck enjoys participating in Sports Car Club of America Autocross events with his Mazda Miata, embarking on long-distance motorcycle tours, and camping with his wife, Cathy. He finds inspiration in the quote by Samuel Beckett: "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better."

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M-Files review

4 min read

M-Files - An Honest Review

No matter what you call it — data management, content management, or document management — there are a myriad of systems, applications, and tools on the market made to help you store, organize, and maintain your documents, data, and files.

How to enhance the security of your printed documents

2 min read

How to Make Sure Your Printed Documents Are Secure

There’s a problem with printers: once a document has been printed, there is no physical security to stop an unintended party from taking it. And for...

9 min read

Why Legal Firms Need M-Files

Law is a lot like jazz. When a person says they are a jazz musician, often the first question that comes to mind is, “what kind of jazz do you play?”...

3 min read

How Much Does PandaDoc Cost?

THIS BLOG WAS UPDATED MARCH 4TH, 2024 In today's market of eSignature solutions, PandaDoc stands out as a comprehensive platform offering more than...

2 min read

Why Manufacturers Need M-Files

Did you know that out of the top seven challenges manufacturers face in 2021, four have to do with data management?

2 min read

How Much Does DocuSign Cost?

Every day, business gets a bit more digital. With this digitization comes the need to conduct operations at speed — and the fastest way to slow...

2 min read

Why AEC Firms Need M-Files

If you work in the AEC industry, you know how important it is to work off of the most up-to-date information. Simple mistakes due to lack of document...

5 min read

What is Managed Print Services?

Did you know that for the vast majority of organizations, print is the third-highest controllable cost on their books? It may come as a surprise — a...

2 min read

What Do I Need to Know About Software Support?

In a world where warranties may often be simple money grabs, it is prudent to question the validity of product add-ons.. So when you hear the term...