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Canon Security Settings: What You Need to Know

Recently, Canon released documentation concerning how to configure security settings for the following copier models:

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Gmail and Scan to Send - Interruptions Starting May 30th

If you use Google’s email client service, Gmail, and you use the “scan to email” feature on your office’s copier, you may be in for an unwelcome...

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How Fax over IP Makes Your Faxes More Secure and Profitable

Here’s a fun office riddle: when you send a fax, where does it go?

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How to Gain Control of Costs Using Output Management Software

There’s an adage that perfectly encapsulates why output management software is important: you can’t manage what you can’t measure. And if you can’t...

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How to Make Sure Your Printed Documents Are Secure

There’s a problem with printers: once a document has been printed, there is no form of physical security to stop an unintended party from taking the...

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Canon and Konica Minolta - Toner Cartridge Recycling Programs

With all of the shipping delays and shortages affecting business today, it’s more important than ever to make sure we use products to their fullest...

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Konica Minolta - Toner Saver Mode

With all of the news about Konica Minolta toner shortages, is there any way you can reduce your toner usage to increase the longevity of your toner...

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The Chip Shortage and Your Copier's Toner: What You Need to Know

If you own a Canon copier, there’s a good chance the next time you replace your toner, you’ll see a warning prompt pop up on your copier’s interface.

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Three Key Things Nonprofits Need to Consider When Choosing a Copier

Managing a nonprofit is inherently rewarding and challenging. You work hard, but, when you choose equipment and solutions that suit your...

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Why Non-Profit Organizations Need Output Management

There is no doubt that every non-profit organization is hyper-fixated on their monthly bills, and for good reason. The more money your organization...

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