Fred Harlan

Fred is a business improvement specialist with over 14 years of imaging industry experience, all with Cobb Technologies. When Fred isn't helping business reduce their expenses and boost their productivity via office hardware and software solutions, he's woodcrafting, fishing, or spending time with his friends and family.

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What Are Toner Pirates, and How can You Avoid Them?

When you hear the phrase “toner pirates,” you may imagine a tall-masted ship sailing on a sea of inky-black toner, or perhaps petty thieves out to steal your precious office supplies. The truth, however, is much more down-to-earth — and a much more...

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What is the Best Home Office Printer?

Your employees are working from home, and despite finding and trying a bunch of different tools, no matter what they do, they are going to have to...

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Why a Retail Fleet is Bad for Business

Work from home is here to stay. Despite many states opening for business, many workers who are capable of performing their job from home are doing...

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