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Why Manufacturers Need M-Files

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Did you know that out of the top seven challenges manufacturers face in 2021, four have to do with data management?

If you work in the manufacturing industry, this will come as no surprise, and most likely, you’re struggling with at least one of these challenges: machine intelligence, system usability, project management, and the need for supply chain visibility.

For manufacturers, time is money, so we’ll save you some time. If you want to solve all of your data management woes, M-Files is a customizable, universally integrate-able data management solution designed to work within any industry.

We’re not just going to pitch a software to you without any context however. If you have a few more minutes, read on to learn how M-Files can impact these aspects of your everyday.


M-files, unlike most content management solutions, works with unstructured data. This means in addition to the usual documents like Word files or spreadsheets, M-Files can autonomously sift through files like PDFs, scanned documents, image files, and more to find the relevant data in the document.

Using this data, M-Files then (based on parameters you can determine) will notify the employees responsible for working with this data. What this means is if an order form is scanned into your system, M-Files will automatically parse through the data, find the employee responsible for order form intake, notify them of the new order, and present them with a digitized version of the file for them to work from.

If this is a multi-step process, M-Files will also notify the next employee in line when the first employee has completed their specific tasks, and ensure the most up-to-date version of the document makes its way to the second employee. This can be repeated as many times as is necessary for your workflows.


M-Files ensures that when an employee is referencing or working on a document that the version of the document is the most up-to-date version in your system. Any time a change is made to a document, all employees who work with that document will see the change reflected on their workstation. If a change was made in error, the change can be reverted through the document’s change log, complete with who was responsible for each change, and when each change was made.

With its live version control, M-Files prevents the derailment of any project due to miscommunication due to outdated information, saving you time, resources, and money.

Because M-Files can interact with virtually every program imaginable, it can easily integrate with your entire digital ecosystem, allowing you to quickly and efficiently look over your entire supply chain. And because you can set user permissions within M-Files, you can ensure your employees only see the information they need to interact with, reducing confusion about what they need to know and do.


The best aspect of M-Files is its universality. Because it is fully customizable, it can work within any industry, and with almost any program. To learn more about how M-Files works, visit Folders are Dead, Metadata is Alive.

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