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Are You Prepared for the Paperless Future? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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We get it - it's a little odd for a company that specializes in printers and copiers to discuss a paperless future. While there will always be a need for physical paper, the environmental hazards and security risks of current paper usage trends are becoming hard to ignore - especially when there are more convenient ways to conduct your business processes.

In the past, the biggest deterrent for a company moving towards a paperless office has been accessibility and adoption. Companies like Google and Microsoft, who've ushered in the "great cloud migration of the 2010's" are the proverbial shepherds leading companies to greener pastures. Software and applications are being developed to a point where your organization will be left behind without adopting and adapting to trends.

People want to do business with companies they trust. Apply this principal to your own personal preferences - would you trust a lawyer who crams years of printed documents and folders into a trailer outside of his office? How about investing your money with a financial adviser strapped with multiple beepers, aka The Dinosaur of Wall Street? (That was a terrible joke, but you get the gist)

As those who've tried giving up carbs can attest, old habits die hard. A recent study found that 8 out of 10 workers print at least one document a day, and at least 58% of all paper documents received are left in paper form on desks or in file cabinets. How many times have you walked by the printer and seen something that you weren't supposed to see? You're not alone - 30% of employees have read something that wasn't intended for them because it was left unsecured in their office. If that's a daily occurrence, you better hope Christian Slater never visits your office.

Our awesome partners at M-Files specialize in helping companies reduce paper usage and process headaches. After surveying a number of businesses, they put together this slick infographic that details some of the statistics they found regarding paper usage and waste.




In our next blog post, we'll discuss some of the free tools that businesses can use to assist them in their processes, like Slack and Proposify.

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