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Canon Copiers - An Honest Review

Canon Copiers - An Honest Review

Looking for a new copier or copiers for your office? Canon may not be the best fit for everyone, but it is a great choice for many organizations. Here is an honest review of Canon’s line of A3 (handles up to 11”x17” paper) copiers and the pros and cons applicable to their machines.


Canon is a particularly strong manufacturer with an extremely robust offering of features and awards.  Below is a brief overview of the various pros of Canon:

Awards – Canon has won the Buyer’s Lab Intelligence A3 Copier Line of The Year Award (an award from a 3rd party company that reviews and rates all aspects of copiers, printers, and plotters) four of the last five years, including winning the award for 2020. Canon’s individual units have also won awards for outstanding equipment for both color and black & white across various speed segments.

Standard Features – The machines that Canon provides currently have some of the strongest standard feature set of any equipment currently on the market. Some of their standard features include:

  • -Scanning directly to a Word Document or PowerPoint
  • -Secure Print/Scan preventing anyone from printing or opening a scanned document without the password created by the user
  • -True Adobe Postscript, of which Canon pays for the Adobe license
  • -UniFlow Online Express: for additional security as well as authentication and tracking
  • -McAfee Embedded Control utilizing a whitelist to protect against malware and tampering of firmware and applications

Software Integration – Canon’s equipment integrates seamlessly with a vast number of software applications. Below are just a few to give an idea as to the extent of their connectivity:

UniFlow: Canon’s own software that increases security and tracks printing/scanning among a host of other features:

  • - iManage
  • - Box
  • - Google Drive
  • - mxHero
  • - Therefore
  • - Etc.

Trustworthy – Because of their reliability and quality, Canon is currently the number one brand of A3 copiers used in the United States.


Price – With so many upsides for the Canon units, they are typically a little more expensive than their competition. That’s not to say they are always the most expensive, but they usually aren’t the cheapest machines on the market.

Tri-folding – This is usually a very important feature for churches or any other organizations that produce pamphlets or bulletins on a regular basis. Canon does have units that support tri-folding, but you will need to move up to some of their higher end units to get that feature. This can be a problem if an organization needs to tri-fold, but doesn’t need the speed or size of machine that Canon requires to produce these folds.

Who is Canon a good fit for?

Canon will be the best fit for organizations that are looking for a feature-rich quality unit. Someone who puts emphasis on value, rather than price only. 

Who is Canon not a good fit for?

Organizations that don’t want or need any additional features other than the basics, those who need tri-folding but not a larger machine, or anyone looking to purchase solely on price.

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