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Cobb Cuts the Ribbon on New Headquarters

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On June 2, 2016, Cobb Technologies celebrated the opening of its new headquarters facility in Glen Allen with an open house and ribbon cutting ceremony. Over 70 guests attended the office technology provider’s opening, including U.S. Rep. Dave Brat (R-7th District) and several members from the Henrico County Board of Supervisors.

The new building, located on Technology Park Drive in Glen Allen, is a 63,289 square foot facility. Previously, Cobb Technologies’ warehouse had been a separate location from its office building located at the intersection of Staples Mill and Parham Road.

“We had been searching over the past few years for a new building that would allow us to integrate both our office and our warehouse space,” said Toni Gorveatt, Cobb’s president. “Once we found this location, I knew immediately that this was our next home.”

Rather than outsourcing the building’s interior design and workspace layout, Gorveatt hand-picked employees from each of Cobb’s departments to give input on the facility’s re-design.

“We know that once potential clients step foot in our new building, they’ll have a great customer experience,” said Derek Yancey, Cobb’s marketing director. “Our new building is quite literally a reflection of the hard work and dedication of Cobb’s employees.”

The company looks forward to updating its branch locations within the next few years to ensure that Cobb’s look matches its cutting-edge technology.

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