Cobb Technologies Receives Konica Minolta Pro-Tech Award

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Office technology supplier and servicer Cobb Technologies was recently recognized as a Konica Minolta Pro-Tech Dealer, an award that highlights the Cobb service department’s commitment to quality. Less than five dealers throughout the entire state of Virginia currently hold this certification, which required an extensive top-down examination of Cobb’s service operations.

“It is a symbol of quality,” said Tracy Short, vice president of service at Cobb Technologies. “It assures our customers that they will be receiving the best trained, most knowledgeable technicians in our industry.”

The process for selection included a rigorous year-long monitoring of Cobb’s service, support and solutions teams. The award represents a high-level of competence in the areas of technical expertise, inventory control, dispatch systems, management skills and customer satisfaction.

For more details on Cobb and the Pro-Tech Award, view the Cobb Technologies Pro-Tech Award brochure.


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