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Cooking With Cobb Episode 7 - Noah's Sick Soup

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This soup is a holy grail as the weather gets cooler- I live by this recipe! It’s full of ingredients that will help clear you out and fight off any sickness that is headed your direction.



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While I’m not a nutrition specialist, something about this spicy, garlicky, vegetable goodness really works. A couple of years ago I felt a cold coming on the horizon and so I researched everything, medicine, essential oils, foods.. then I thought why not add all of these cold-fighting foods into a soup and sip on it all day? The rest is history! I’m excited to share it with you- and now is certainly the best time to boost that immune system.

Like most of the recipe’s this one is so simple. I start with a base full of immunity-boosting staples, bone broth, lots of garlic, spicy Rotel, turmeric, and some kind of green- I’ve found that kale works the best. Then I fluff it up with other vegetables that I have on hand- here I used celery, zucchini, and mushrooms. Usually, I use shrimp, mainly because I always have a bag of frozen in the freezer, but I have used cannellini beans before (yum!) and you could totally use chicken or some other type of protein. Season it up with some extra spices and top your bowl off with your favorite hot sauce. I sip on this soup all day for a few days until every last drop is gone and just like magic, I come out on the other side!! Bonus if you add in a few cups of Echinacea tea throughout your day as well.

Make yourself some soup and stay healthy this season!


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