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Does my organization need a vCIO?

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You’re probably asking yourself - does my organization need a virtual chief information officer? Short answer: YES. 

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If your organization depends on technology - as most organizations in 2020 do - you’re going to need a chief information officer. The role of a CIO has evolved over the years, but to put it succinctly, a CIO is going to come alongside your executive leadership and help make the best decisions for your company. 

CIOs are in high demand, and many organizations cannot afford the salary, benefits, and even office space required by a full-time CIO. This is where vCIOs come in to play.



A virtual chief information officer is an excellent alternative for SMBs that can’t afford a full-time CIO. A vCIO will meet with C-Level executives to formulate your organization’s IT strategy and will look at the organization from a business management and operations standpoint to solve tech issues.


      • • Instructing and leading your technology staff
      • • Managing your business’ hardware and software
      • • Optimizing your current network 
      • • Creating a tactical IT roadmap and strategy - this includes heading your quarterly business review, and planning and facilitating company expansions.
      • • Consulting on budgets with regards to providing cost-effective solutions.
      • • Helping with project and vendor management

vCIOs have the added benefit of working in a wide range of fields - this means that they are well-rounded and can draw experience from other organizations, applying innovative solutions learned from working with other clients. 

Like a CIO, a vCIO serves as the essential bridge between technology and your organization, optimizing the way you do business and providing knowledge that will help execute leadership’s vision of how your organization will evolve.

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