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How Much Does a Copier or Multi-Function Printer Cost?

How Much Does a Copier or Multi-Function Printer Cost?
How Much Does a Copier or Multi-Function Printer Cost?

Are you shopping for a new office copier or multi-function printer? Are you wondering what you should realistically pay for a new copier?

Buying or leasing a copier, while a simple concept, can be your best operational asset, or a drain on your resources and productivity. 

After just five minutes of reading through this blog, you’ll be an expert on what copiers cost — including extra features, and how to make sure you don’t purchase features you don’t need.


Below, you’ll find a breakdown of cost ranges for small, mid, and large office copiers, as well as common hardware and software add-ons often purchased with copiers:

•  A4 Desktop MFPs: $3,000 - $11,000

•  Mid-range MFPs: $10,000 - $25,000

•  Larger MFPs: $30 ,000 - $45,000

•  Staple Finisher: $2,500

•  Booklet Finisher: $5,000 - $10,000

•  Fax Card: $1,000

•  Number of Cassette Drawers: > $2,000

  • Fiery Controller: $3,000 - $5,000+
  • Document Feeders: Included
  • Network Support: $300 - $500 per device per year
  • Document Workflows/Print Management Solutions: $500+

A few key points about the list above:

  1. Price ranges are based off of a 25-80 page per minute (ppm) speed.
  2. Color copiers will always be more expensive than black and white copiers, by about 10%.
  3. Service agreements should include all of your toner, hardware service calls, and parts and labor (with the exception of paper and staples).
  4. The cost of document management software is highly dependent on the following factors: Number of devices, number of licenses, project scope, connectors needed to integrate into existing platforms, and the amount of professional services and development required.


When purchasing a new copier, it may be tempting to add on as many features as possible — it’s better to be prepared for anything, right?

While preparation is important, every extra feature on your copier will increase your monthly lease rate. That’s why it’s important to conduct a through discovery phase with your copier service provider. 

The goal of your discovery phase should be to uncover what tasks your key operators need to accomplish, as well as any plans for growth throughout your organization. There are no right and wrong answers during your discovery phase: just make sure you include the features your operators absolutely need, and plan ahead for any changes that may happen in the future, such as new personnel, new digital environments, or increased client loads.


There are a few hidden expenses that can arise when you’re shopping for a copier. The first is your lease termination fee. This is only applicable if you’re simultaneously getting rid of an old copier, and switching to a new provider.

There are also shipping fees for sending your old copier back to your old leasing agency. Sometimes, your service provider will cover this fee. However, you should be prepared to take on this cost, just in case.

The last and most significant hidden cost of a copier is the fact that as it gets older, its maintenance and upkeep becomes more and more expensive. This is due to a few reasons: as parts are used, they wear down and come to yield, replacement parts become rarer as they age, and older equipment requires more visits for repair.

This is why most copier service providers recommend leasing a copier for a period of no more than five years. In addition to older equipment’s rising costs, they are also less secure, and are less feature-rich than new copiers.


Just like a car, the more features are included on your office copier, the more expensive it will be. And, just like a car, as you use your copier more, it will wear down and require more maintenance. However, even the most expensive copier (with a ppm of 85) shouldn’t cost more than $50,000.

If you’d like to learn more about copiers, or speak to us about how much your new copier would cost, reach out to us here.

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