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How Much Does it Cost to Reduce Faxes on my Copier?

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Faxes are an integral form of communication for your business, but they are also a bottleneck. While this secure and key communication tool is necessary for the daily operations of your business, it most likely leads to a loss of efficiency among your employees, and a heavy reliance on faxes can lead to a significant increase in your operating costs.

Reducing the amount of faxes your copier prints is a goal for many organizations — but how are you supposed to reduce your reliance on faxes without crippling your operations?


There are a few different fax-reducing services you can choose from. The first is fax forwarding, which comes standard on most copier models available. Fax forwarding automatically redirects incoming faxes into a designated email inbox, allowing multiple employees to check incoming faxes from their computers.

While this is a simple, free, and effective solution for reducing your reliance on printing incoming faxes, it does come with a few downsides. Fax forwarding still requires a designated fax line, and only digitizes incoming faxes — meaning any faxes sent through your copier must be sent the old-fashioned way.

Two popular solutions to the fax problem are eFax and FaxCore — these can be thought of as the “VoIP style” solution to faxing. Essentially, services like eFax and FaxCore completely digitize your fax line in the same way a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system digitizes a phone line. By using a VoIP style solution, eFax and FaxCore allow your employees to both send a receive faxes through their computers or personal devices, all without ever touching your copier, or a piece of paper.

Solutions of this kind are even compatible with traditional fax machines — so if your recipients use a standard fax line, they will still receive your faxes like usual. These solutions do come with a recurring monthly cost however. Let’s take a look at how much both of these solutions cost, and what features they provide.


eFax comes with a three-tiered pricing structure:

(These numbers reflect their yearly billing option rate)

  • - eFax Plus: $14.13 per month
  • - eFax Pro: $16.63 per month
  • - eFax Corporate: Contact Sales

All of these options come with the following features:

  • - Free local or toll-free number
  • - Multiple users
  • - Secure unlimited storage
  • - The ability to edit and sign faxes
  • - Email to fax
  • - Fax to multiple recipients
  • - Share large files
  • - A searchable database of faxes
  • - Mobile app for Android and iOS
  • - Live support

Each tier provides a different allowance of faxes you can send and receive each month. Their Plus plan allots 150 pages per month, and the Pro plan allows for 200 pages per month. The Corporate option provides a scalable amount of pages per month, with an adjusting cost based on the needs of your solution.


FaxCore costs $60 per month, and provides an allowance of up to 600 pages faxed per month. FaxCore comes with the follow features:

  • - Archiving and retention
  • - Delivery management
  • - Fax to email
  • - Automated routing
  • - Email to fax
  • - FoIP (Fax over Internet Protocol)


While reducing the number of faxes your organization prints will undoubtably reduce your operational costs, the true benefit comes in the form of improved employee efficiency. When your employees are no longer bound to a single machine shared by the whole office for communication with outside clients, they are able to work safely, efficiently, and most importantly — remotely.

With such a heavy reliance on worker mobility and the need to support a decentralized workforce, a Fax over IP service is quickly becoming a necessity for organizations that fax mission critical documents.

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