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How Much Does Project Management Software Cost?

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It’s no secret that remote project management is critical to the success of any business on the market today. But how much do remote project management tools cost?

There are multitudes of options available: Workfront, Notion, Kintone, Favro, ClickUp, and FunctionFox, to name just a few. Throughout this blog, however, we will focus on the following tools:

  • - Trello
  • - monday.com
  • - Basecamp

Below, you’ll find the cost of each platform:


Trello is a project management software that gives users the ability to track projects through lists, and tasks by cards — its simple design allows for teams to customize this project management tool to any situation. Below, you’ll find its various pricing plans:


Trello’s first plan is free, regardless of the number of users that make use of it, and isn’t a trial — Trello’s free plan lasts forever. Through the free option, users have access to unlimited personal boards, unlimited cards, and unlimited lists, as well as a 10MB file limit per attachment. Users are granted access to ten team boards, one “Power Up” board (allowing for calendars, custom fields, automation, and third party reporting), and two-factor user authentication.

Business Class

For $9.99 per user per month, organizations gain access to all of the features listed above, plus a 250MB limit per attachment, advanced checklists, same-day support response, user permission customization, custom backgrounds and stickers, unlimited team boards, board collections, team board templates, unlimited power up boards, custom fields, list limits, calendar view, map view, voting, over one hundred app integrations, advanced admin permissions, domain-restricted invites, the ability to deactivate members, and the ability to export data.


Starting at $20.83 per month per user, Trello’s Enterprise plan offers all of the features listed above, plus: Single Sign-On through Microsoft Azure, OneLogin, Okta, and GSuite, the ability to administer power ups, setting organization wide permissions, organization visible boards, and public board management.


monday.com is a project management software that gives you the ability to plan, manage, and track the entirety of your organization. Just like Trello, its simple design allows for any type of project to be tracked and managed. It is worth noting that for any organization with over forty employees, you’ll have to speak directly to monday.com's sales team to receive accurate pricing. Below, you’ll find its pricing plans for forty or less users:


For $8 per user per month, you’ll have access to: unlimited free viewers, unlimited boards, over twenty column types, iOS and android apps, 5GB of shared file storage, one week of activity history, Zoom integration, whiteboard integration, the ability to embed and collaborate on documents in real-time, the ability to embed forms in order to collaborate, one dashboard per board, two-factor user authentication, and 24/7 support.


For $10 per user per month, you’ll gain access to all of the features listed above, plus: 50 GB of shared files storage, unlimited activity history, timeline view, calendar view, map view, advanced search, forms customization, integrations, automations, and three boards per dashboard.


For $16 Per user per month, your organization will have access to all of the features listed above, as well as: time tracking, chart view, formula columns, custom tags, private boards, and more available actions for integrations and automations.


monday.com also offers an enterprise level plan, but you will have to contact their sales team in order to receive and estimate.


Basecamp is a project management software with a rigid organization system that offers a myriad of services within its platform. While Basecamp doesn’t allow for much customization within its own structure, it is a robust platform capable of handling any type of project. Below, you’ll find its pricing:


For personal use, Basecamp’s free offering allows users to access up to three projects, host up to twenty users, and access to 1GB of shared storage space.

Basecamp Business

Through Basecamp’s business-level package, your organization will gain access to unlimited projects, unlimited users, 500GB of storage, a company HQ, team projects, unlimited clients, advanced client access, project templates, and priority support, all for the flat rate of $99 per month. Basecamp does not charge based upon the number of users in your organization, making it a great option for budget-conscious businesses.


It’s important to remember that the price it costs to efficiently manage a project is always worth the monetary cost — what’s most important is which project management software fits the needs of your business the best. Even if we haven’t mentioned it here, if you feel another project management software is good for your organization, go with it — productivity is always more important than price.

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