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How to Scan a PDF Document and Convert it into a Word Document

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Join Beth Johnson as she teaches you how to convert your printed PDF document into a Word document that will then be sent as an Email to the recipient of your choice, using the Canon DX ImageRUNNER C3730.

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Do you ever have that one PDF that you wish you could convert easily to Word? 

Hi, Beth Johnson with Cobb Technologies here, and I’m going to show you how to convert your printed document into a Word document that will then be sent as an Email to the recipient of your choice. We’ll be using the Canon DX ImageRUNNER C3730, now let’s get started!

      1. So, to do this, you’re going to hit the Scan and Send button on the homepage.
      2. Next you’ll have to choose who the job will be sent to - so go ahead and click on the Address Book button. I’m going to send it to myself, and then hit OK.
      3. Then, on the center-right side of the Scan and Send screen, I’m going to select the PDF feature.
      4. On this next page you’re going to click on the OOXML button - it stands for “Open Office XML” - and we’re going to tell it that we want this document to scan to Word.
      5. Next, press the OK key, and then hit Start on this next page.

And now this document will be scanned and sent to my email as a Word document!

Using the Scan to Word feature saves you from having to run your scanned document through conversion software - pretty great, huh?

For more copier tips and tricks, as well as information on the latest in business technology, head to Cobb Technologies DOT com.


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