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The 4 Steps a Good VoIP Provider Should Take You Through as a Potential Client

The 4 Steps a Good VoIP Provider Should Take You Through as a Potential Client

By now you probably know that not every VoIP provider is the same. 

It’s a given that they’ll offer differing VoIP models and packages, but you should also consider their customer service and the steps they take during your decision-making process to ensure that you’re well informed on the services they offer and that they understand your business’ needs and can cater their VoIP solution to you. 


Hey there, Patrick Judy here again with Cobb Technologies. In this video I’m going to guide you through the typical journey you would experience as a business seeking services from a reliable VoIP partner.


Now, we’ll start at the beginning with our introductory call. In this call, you and a representative from your prospective VoIP partner would sit down and talk about your current communication system. 

This includes discussing how you use your system, the features currently included in it and whether or not you like these features, analyzing the problems or issues you’ve run into when using it, and also whether or not a softphone option would be a good fit for your business. 


Now, on to step two. After the introductory call, your prospective VoIP partner would schedule a meeting to give a comprehensive presentation of their model of business communications. This in-depth presentation would get granular with the material, and would even include a demonstration of how it works. 

The meeting would also include a discussion portion where you would sit down to further discuss specific information regarding your environment, including asking you questions like how many numbers you own, what kind of switches and infrastructure you have in place, and if you have any cat5/6 connections where each phone would be installed. 

A good VoIP partner will also offer to come on-site to your location to confirm these things.


After your in-depth meeting, your prospective VoIP partner will submit a proposal to you that addresses the needs you communicated to them in previous meetings. 

Proposals can vary between VoIP providers, but generally, they will consist of a monthly quote - your monthly recurring cost - and an upfront cost for implementation. This upfront fee is non-recurring. Keep in mind, things can be moved around or changed within the proposal if necessary. 

A good VoIP partner will listen to needs across this entire decision-making journey. Any changes you would like made can be discussed in person, through the phone, or via video chat.


Finally, once you’ve reviewed and signed the proposal the wheel will get set in motion. Your paperwork will be processed and you’ll be assigned a project coordinator who will reach out to you to begin the implementation process.  

If you have any more questions about VoIP or the decision-making process when it comes to choosing a VoIP provider, please reach out Contact Us


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