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What's the Most Reliable Copier?

What's the Most Reliable Copier?

What are your office pet peeves? Microwaved fish? Clipping nails? Close-talkers? Micromanagers?

How about paper jams? We’re going to be honest here: there’s very little positive emotion associated with your office copier. Why? Because if it works, it simply allows you to do more work. But if it doesn’t work, it ruins your productivity for the day (or possibly even week).

As a business that has sold and serviced copiers for over thirty years, we’re very aware of the frustration fickle copiers can cause — and in our experience, have met a few office administrators who would describe their copier as their arch nemesis.


Features like scan-to-send and staple finishers are great, but the features a copier boasts are worthless if your copier isn’t reliable.

There’s also the simple fact of machinery and moving parts: eventually, things wear down and break. That’s why other than the manufacturing process of your copier, the most critical determining factor for how beneficial your copier will be for your organization is the level of service your copier dealer provides.

This is why we always recommend organizations lease their copiers, rather than purchase them. Copier leases, when coordinated through a copier service provider, will come with a service contract. This provides your organization with two benefits:

  1. The leased copier will only be used by your organization while it is in the most efficient stage of its lifecycle.
  2. Repairs, routine maintenance, and parts and supplies are covered under your service contract.

When you lease a new copier, you can rest assured you are using it while its parts are at their most efficient — meaning more prints, copies, and scans before a part comes to yield, or a piece of paper jams.

Plus, when you have a service contract, you benefit from preventative maintenance. Even just a few years ago, preventative maintenance meant a physical examination of the copier every few months to detect the potential for problems before they arose. However, in today’s world of automation and connectivity, this means self-reporting diagnostics sent directly from your copier to your service provider.

These automated reports will alert your service provider’s technicians about the problem before it comes to be, and gives them the chance to pay your copier a visit to fix the issue before it causes an interruption.


While any copier manufactured by any brand will serve your office well (as long as you provide it routine maintenance), copiers manufactured by Canon are known for their reliability. In fact, Canon’s A4 copiers won the Buyers Lab’s 2021 A4 line of the year, and their A3 copiers were awarded Buyers Lab’s 2022 A3 line of the year, as well as Buyers Lab’s Most Reliable A3 brand for 2022-2024.

Of the many reasons Canon’s A3 and A4 copiers won this prestigious award, like Canon’s simple-to-use touch screen and UI, their high-level of security, and operability, independent study found Canon copiers achieved a misfeed rate of one jam per 742,500 pages printed.

What this means is that if you keep your Canon copier in good condition, regularly use it, and keep your paper away from dust and moisture, you could print 50 novels on your copier before it ever sent you an error message reading “paper jam.”

So, if paper jams are your pet peeve, Canon copiers are your day at the beach.

We can’t understate just how important a reliable service provider is in influencing the reliability of your copier. That’s why you’ll be happy to know that Cobb is the largest independent Canon dealer in Virginia — boasting the largest collection of Canon OEM parts in the state, the most ATSP Canon Certified technicians in Virginia, and ranked among the top 7% of Canon dealers in the nation in terms of units sold.

So, when asking yourself, “What is the most reliable copier?,” ask yourself another question:

“Who can provide me with the best copier, and also has the experience and support network to keep it operating?”

If you’d like to learn more about how Cobb serves businesses across the country, watch our corporate capabilities video here.

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