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Managed IT Services: What Type Do I Need?

Join our experts to learn about the three tiers of managed IT services, the offerings they generally provide, and which category your organization...

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Automation in Accounting: AI Makes Dollars and Sense

Depending on the complexity of your approval process, the cost per a single invoice can range between $12 and $40. With automation, the cost can be...

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Microsoft 365: Replacing Office Servers With a Cloud-Based Solution

Join us as our experts discuss how Microsoft 365 can replace traditional office servers with efficient, cost-effective cloud solutions.

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Trading Print for Profitability

Did you know that on average, print cost is the third-highest controllable expenditure for an organization behind only real-estate and payroll?

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Can Your Phone System Be Fully Mobilized at the Drop of a Hat?


The way we connect with one another is always changing. Every day we communicate with coworkers and customers in a multitude of ways, whether...

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Folders Are Dead, Metadata Is Alive

When we’re looking for a file, how many of us know exactly where it’s located? The birth of intelligent metadata signals the death of folders in...

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Cybersecurity in the SMB Space

You may have the most advanced firewall on the market, but will it protect you against a hacker using social engineering? The security of your...

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Working From Home: How to Safely and Reliably Access Your Files From Anywhere

The way we do business has changed, and being able to securely access the data you need, when you need it has become more important than ever. Join...

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