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Konica Minolta Copiers: An Honest Review

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Looking for a new copier or copiers for your office? Konica Minolta may not be the best fit for everyone, but it is the right choice for many organizations. Here is an honest review of Konica Minolta’s line of A3 (handles up to 11”x17” paper) copiers and the pro’s and con’s applicable to their machines.

[As Konica Minolta’s products change over the years we will update this blog as needed!]

Konica Minolta – Pro’s

Konica Minolta has a whole host of benefits that make them a great option for many different organizations. Below is a brief overview of the various pros of Konica Minolta.

Non-Profit Pricing – One of the big bonuses for Konica Minolta, if you are a non-profit, is that non-profit organizations receive excellent discounts from Konica Minolta.  All that an organization needs to receive this special pricing from Konica Minolta is a copy of their 501c3 form.

Extensive List of Optional Features – Konica Minolta has a long list of features that can be added to the machines, but again they are all optional.  This can be great for organizations that don’t need anything beyond basic print, scan, and copy, or those who only need/want a feature or two but don’t need the full suite of options. Below are just a few of the various options that can be added to Konica Minolta copiers.

  • Scanning directly to a Word Document
  • OCR for PDFs making them searchable
  • Scanning PDF/A and Encrypting PDFs, and more

Tri-Fold Capability on Smaller Units – For customers that need tri-folding for brochures, pamphlets, or church bulletins, but don’t need a large machine, Konica Minolta has this function as an option on its midsized equipment.  This allows for smaller churches or other organizations to get this specific feature if needed without breaking the bank.

Awards – Konica Minolta has won Buyer’s Lab best pick awards for several of their production print equipment.

Konica Minolta – Con’s

Awards – Although Konica Minolta has consistently rated well with Buyer’s Lab, they haven’t won a manufacturer’s line of the year award since 2014, and they haven’t won a Buyer’s Lab pick award since 2016.  So even though Konica Minolta has produced good equipment that rates highly, in the A3 copier segment they haven’t been awarded for the machines since 2016.

Standard Features – Konica Minolta has many features listed as optional, which can be great if an organization has limited needs and only wants a few basic features. But if someone needs a feature rich machine they will need to be purchased as addons for Konica Minolta copiers, which will add up when you need a lot of them. To be clear though, Konica Minolta still does have a long list of features and capabilities that can compare to other manufacturers, but many that some many include out of box are additions for Konica Minolta.

Who is Konica Minolta a good fit for?

Konica Minolta will be the best fit for organizations that are looking for a solid machine that provides a reasonable cost, but don’t necessarily need the top-rated machines that are feature rich right out of the box. Non-profit customers, and churches especially, will also find Konica Minolta to be an excellent fit with their very low non-profit pricing and tri-fold capabilities on smaller units.

Who is Konica Minolta not a good fit for?

Organizations that want the top-rated equipment where price is less of an issue.

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