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Precision Care: Filling the Gaps in Your Copier’s Service Agreement

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When you sign a service agreement with a copier vendor, whatever hardware issues you run into are generally covered, but what about software issues? Well, Cobb has a solution: our Precision Care program.


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Hey, I’m Don Amyx, Business Improvement Specialist with Cobb Technologies. When you sign a service contract with Cobb Technologies, Cobb takes all MFP hardware maintenance off your hands, however, some clients benefit from continued support, and that’s why we offer our Precision Care program. 


Cobb’s Precision Care takes the service agreement on your copier to the next level by essentially serving as a software service agreement that kicks in after installation to safeguard your MFP and ensure that it stays connected, protected, and supported.


Precision Care is all businesses needing that extra support, especially those with no internal IT departments, or with IT departments that are stretched prohibitively thin. Let Cobb partner with you to ensure that your business environment is running as smoothly as possible.


Additionally, Precision Care contracts are year-to-year agreements. If the landscape of your organization changes - maybe you build an IT department, or your existing IT department suddenly has more time to address copier needs - you won’t be locked into receiving and paying for Precision Care until the entire term of your copier lease expires.


Say your business hires three new employees after your MFP has been installed. Precision Care takes care of their networking and print driver onboarding for zero additional fees. 

Say your business goes through a computer refresh - normally, your IT department would have to install print drivers on each and every new computer, but with Precision Care Cobb comes in and does that for you at no extra cost. 

At installation, our clients often only need a single print driver installed based on the needs that they’ve communicated to us. However, needs can change - maybe you find, 4 months down the line post-installation, that you require more control over the prints you produce. Well, that’s where Precision Care comes in to help install those additional print drivers.

You’ll be able to expertly use features like scan-to-folder, scan-to-email, and faxing utility, that will enhance your productivity. Precision Care allows you to easily access additional usability services on your MFP, without having to configure and maintain them yourself. We will even provide you with advanced training on software utilities to ensure that you know how to make the most of your MFP’s abilities.

With Precision Care, you won’t have to worry about account maintenance. Run into any print issues related to network connectivity? Let us know. We’ll be there to solve them.


The price of becoming a Precision Care member is offset by not having to pay for every single software or copier network service call cost. It pays for itself by the second visit. 

Precision Care is built for the company that wants to get more functionality out of their MFP’s. 

If you want to learn more about Precision Care, feel free to reach out to us at Cobb Technologies DOT com.

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