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What is a click?

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A click is a unit of measurement the imaging industry uses to count an image produced by an MFP or other printing device. Watch to learn how clicks inform you of your MFP's lifecycle and more!


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How is a click determined?

A click is can be determined by printing on one side or both sides of a sheet of paper, however, a single sheet of paper is not necessarily counted as a single click. Printing on both sides of a standard 8”x11.5” sheet of paper will yield two clicks while printing on a single side of an 11” by 17” sheet of paper will also yield two clicks.

Black and white clicks vs. color clicks

There are two varieties of clicks: black and white clicks, and color clicks. All images produced solely in black and white are considered black and white clicks. If you’re printing a majority black and white image, with a small color section, that print will count as a color click. Determining black and white vs. color clicks is not dependent on how much of the page contains black ink or toner, rather it’s entirely dependent on the presence of color, regardless of how much of it is visible.

What is a click meter?

All MFPs have a small meter installed that counts clicks. This click meter is similar to the odometer in your car, and like the odometer in your car, the meter can be used for maintenance purposes.

How do imaging service providers use clicks?

Imaging providers can look at your click meter reading and know where you stand in terms of the lifecycle of your machine. Technicians can look at the meter to determine the state of the MFP, what maintenance needs to be done on it according to the clicks it has accumulated, and what components are wearing out and are in need of a replacement. The click meter will help your imaging provider maintain your equipment so that it runs more efficiently as it lasts as long as possible without sacrificing quality.

Service providers can also look at the meter and tabulate how many images are produced - this helps them calculate what to charge you on your service plan. Not all imaging service providers calculate clicks and charges the same way, so, before you commit to a service contract and when it’s time for you to sit down and look at a click allowance with a Business Improvement Specialist, ask them how their company determines click charges and allowances

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