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Price? Size? What you need to know when researching office printers

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In a perfect world, running a small business is all about watching your ideas transform into a successful enterprise. However, as a small business owner, that’s not the only thing you have to think about. There are hidden costs everywhere, from the post-it notes you use to write down your newest ideas to the cost of printer ink. It can be difficult to know exactly where you can save money, and how.

At Cobb Technologies, we understand these challenges and we’re here to help! Cobb is committed to ensuring that you have a positive experience when purchasing an office printer. The following questions are designed to assist in your decision making before you contact us or any other company offering these services!

How often do you print?

Determining how often you use a printer is a useful way to decide what kind of printer you should buy. For example, if you have an in-house marketing department, or you are constantly printing various documents, it would make sense for you to purchase a higher quality printer because the cost of a page is less. However, if you are a primarily digital organization, you may be satisfied with a less expensive printer, and it will allow you to delegate funds to other areas of your business.

What kind of printer is best?

Depending on what kind of business you are running, multifunction printers are recommended as a baseline. They allow for the most function out of one machine, without specialization. There are also options out there for those of you looking for something geared more toward a specific function! The Océ wide format printers are designed to print floor plans, blueprints, posters, or anything else that needs to be printed on a large format. At Cobb Technologies, we feature a range of product lines, including Kyocera, Canon, Konica Minolta, and Océ. Between these different brands, you'll be able to find something that satisfies your business needs.

How much can you expect to pay for ink/toner?

Typically, a less expensive model is going to cost more when it comes to ink, especially if you are opting for color. More expensive models are going to cost less in the long run, as these models cost less per page. These machines cost 3.9 cents using black ink, and 8.3 cents per colored page, while something a little bit cheaper will cost your business 5.5 cents for black and 8.9 for color. Keep in mind that these figures will come into play more or less, depending on how often you print!

What is the average lifespan of an office printer?

Most printers nowadays are known as MFP’s, or Multi-Function Printers. These machines have a lifespan upwards of 48 months, depending on the degree to which they’re used. In order for you to maximize your printer’s life, Cobb Technologies offers a free evaluation that could save your business a large chunk of change. We are able to remotely assess your organization for the biggest, most common pain points that we see, including excess capacity; lack of standardization; obsolete or aged technology; and more.

How much should you pay for a printer?

There are several options out there regarding office printers. The most popular brands are Kyocera and Konica, and they are available for purchase as well as a lease. Depending on how often you print, and how mobile your business is, it may be worth it for you to consider leasing a machine instead of paying upwards of 1500 dollars for a new one. Cobb Technologies offers both options, with leasing agreements starting at 40 dollars a month, as well as printers that range from 600-1700 dollars purchase. 

Why should you consider an office technology partner?

It's easy to pick up and go to your local technology department store and choose the cheapest option. However, the easiest actions are not always the most cost effective for your business in the long run. With a technology partner like Cobb, you're provided easy-access information about all of your products, as well as an evaluation of all office technology that you have in your small business. Not only to we provide a range of machines for you to choose from, but our excellent sales staff is able to answer any questions that you may have regarding what sort of machine you should invest in. And don't forget- we have leasing options as well as purchase! Feel free to drop us a line. 
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