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When Non-Profits Will Benefit From Managed IT Services

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Managed IT Services can be complex and represent a significant investment for your organization. There’s good reason for this, however, as Managed IT providers and their services can be the difference between a cyber attack closing your doors forever, and the ability to defend and bounce back quickly after a loss of data.

But, who would want to breach a Non-Profit’s network? What would a bad actor stand to gain from doing so? And, don’t these bad actors go after big companies with lots of money? Who would even target an organization, that by definition, does not make a profit?


Unfortunately, one in four successful cyber attacks in the US target small organizations. It’s not about the size of your office, but the value of your data.

Non-Profit organizations like yours work with highly sensitive data and have access to systems that interact with multiple organizations, including state and federal agencies.

And that makes your network a prime target for intrusion.


Managed IT Services are like purchasing a subscription to a streaming service, but instead of streaming, your “subscription” is a team of highly-trained IT professionals who monitor and maintain your organization’s network and infrastructure.

Managed IT Services can help protect and maintain every aspect of your organization’s technology, including the hardware, software, and business applications that are vital to accomplishing your mission. A good provider will also take steps to help educate employees or volunteers on the best security practices they can employ to keep their information, and client information secure.

One example of this is Security Awareness Training, which usually consists of sending harmless phishing emails to your workforce to determine who is likely to fall victim to a phishing attempt.

Based on the data from these fake phishing emails, a Managed IT Service provider can provide your team with personalized training for spotting scams, and the dangers present on the web.


There are a few questions you can ask yourself to determine if your organization needs Managed IT services.

  1. If your network suffered an intrusion, would you be able to identify the nature and scope of that intrusion? Would you be able to patch the leak?
  2. If someone broke into your network, would your client’s or your benefactor’s information be vulnerable?
  3. If your network was encrypted in a ransomware attack, would you be able to pay the ransom and continue operations?

If the answer to any of these questions is, “no,” or, “I don’t know,” it’s likely your organization needs Managed IT services.

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