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When should I replace my toner?

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Replacing your toner cartridge is essential to keeping your MFP running smoothly and producing quality prints. Watch to learn more vital toner maintenance info.

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Let’s cut to the chase: ultimately, the rate at which you replace your toner generally comes down to how frequently you use it, and the size of your toner cartridge.


If you’re not regularly using your MFP, your toner cartridge can expire and go bad. The chemicals in the toner can deteriorate and potentially become a threat to your MFP’s well-being. Just as you wouldn’t drink spoiled milk, you shouldn’t use bad toner.


Manufacturers determine cartridge life by yield - for example, they may say a cartridge yields 25,000 prints - however, it’s more realistic to expect fewer prints because of all the variables that go into each printing situation. For example: if you are constantly printing multiple sheets of solid black images, or if you're printing on 11"x17" sheets, then the amount of prints your cartridge will yield will likely be much lower.

Think about the car you drive - do you get the exact miles per gallon that the manufacturer promised? Probably not, because like a copier, there are many factors (vehicle weight, tire condition, elevation, etc.) that determine the fuel economy of your vehicle.


MFPs play a key role in your office - people take notice when they’re not working as they should. If you’re not getting the quality you expect out of your MFP and toner - whether it be off-center prints, faded prints, smudged prints, or lines on your copies - please contact your business improvement specialist. They will then submit a service ticket for you and help will be on the way.


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