Chris Wilson

Chris serves as Technical Support at Cobb Technologies, having joined the Cobb team in February 2021. He has extensive experience in the office technology industry, starting from his days repairing copiers for Xerox in the 90s. In his current role, Chris teaches individuals how to utilize technology and leverage it for more efficient business processes and operations, troubleshooting complex technical issues and providing security-centric resolutions. Outside of work, Chris is passionate about teaching and training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, enjoys backpacking in the Appalachian wilderness, and cherishes spending time with his family.

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HIPAA and Network Security

If your practices’ network is hacked, could you say you took all reasonable precautions to prevent it?

3 min read

What is the Easiest Way to Prevent Cyber Attacks?

According to Microsoft, their cloud services experience over 300 million fraudulent sign-in attempts every day. If you find this number alarming,...

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What is the Difference between a CIO, CTO, and a vCIO?

As a whole, the entire tech industry is rife with acronyms: HTTPS, SMTP, PHP, NOC & SOC…

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Why CyberNews' Printer Hack Proves You Need a vCIO

Has your printer been hacked recently? As reported by Forbes, approximately 28,000 printers were hacked by the group known as CyberNews. Luckily,...

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How Do I Upgrade My Business' Remote Capabilities

Looking back at standard business models from a year ago evokes a feeling like reminiscing about a bygone age. Even sixth months ago, the current...

What Are the Three Tiers of Managed IT Services, and Which One Do I Need

4 min read

What Are the Three Tiers of Managed IT Services, and Which One Do I Need?

Managed IT services are not a one-size-fits-all deal - so what kind of MITS package could your company benefit from?

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Small businesses and cyber security - Free solutions that can help make you more secure

When you own and manage a small business, you can find yourself constantly facing sales pitches. Offers to purchase memberships, software,...

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When the Pandemic Ends, What is Your Business' Longterm Plan?

Across the country — and in fact the entire world — businesses are once again opening their doors. The number of COVID-19 cases in many areas is,...

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Backups - What Your Business Needs to Know

We live in a universe dictated by Murphy’s law; anything that can happen, will happen. No matter how secure your business’ network is, eventually,...

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Your Passwords Could be Plotting Against You - Here's How a Password Manager Can Help

Passwords are the first line of defense against hackers — and often, they are the only measure of security preventing unwanted access to your account.