Jill Skelly

I have been in the industry for over 16 years. Over 20 years of sales experience. My first job out of college was as a legislative intern for the Sierra Club, lobbying for environmental and human rights campaigns. I just celebrated my 9th anniversary with Cobb on August 1st. Best place I’ve ever worked – 9 years has flown by! My business card reads: Senior Business Improvement Specialist. I act as an advisor and consultant to my current and prospective customers, keeping them up to date on the latest and greatest document workflow technologies and services that can provide more efficient operations in their business. Interesting fact about me? I spent almost 2 months abroad in Madagascar during my senior year of college. There was a coup due to a presidential election and was stranded in the capital for weeks. The group I was with was smuggled out of the country on a cargo ship and we sailed to Reunion Island during monsoon season.

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LifeSpire: Building a Community Through Data and Document Management

4 min read

LifeSpire: Building a Community Through Data and Document Management

Watch to learn more about LifeSpire's business technology partnership with Cobb. Transcript available below.

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Don't Forget: Google Cloud Print Is Ending Soon

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Down to the Wire: What SMBs Need to Know about SMB

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Office Hygiene and COVID-19: Can I disinfect my Multi-Function Printer?

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