Tim Kitchen

Tim Kitchen is a Wide Format Product Manager for Cobb Technologies, and has been with Cobb for seven years. Tim has over 35 years in the imaging industry, and worked as an engineer for 11 years with Eastman Kodak. When Tim isn't helping businesses with their wide format needs, he's spending time with his family, or doing his number one hobby: photography.

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Large Format Printers: How to Calculate Client Bill-Back by the Square Foot

Over the years, many of our AEC clients have expressed their number one reason for using a large format printer is because they don’t have to delay work in the case of a change to their plans.

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Why Does My Construction Company Need a Wide Format Printer?

This is one of the most common questions I have received over my career in the industry. There are many options for outsourcing prints, so why would...

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Wide Format Printers: 101

Wide format printers cover a vast array of mediums, uses, and products — from doors to billboards, restaurant menus to architectural drawings, wide...

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