07 Jun 2019

Why Office Printers are Still Important for Businesses

As our society moves forward in the digital age, the importance of paper — along with machines that deal with paper — is put into question. Many businesses are starting to go paperless and handle their affairs digitally. Why print hundreds of papers for physical files when everything can be stored and shared online or in network files?

As eco-friendly as this notion is, paper is still valuable to have because clients’ needs are all different. Don’t let paper-involved machines like printers, copiers, and scanners go extinct in your workplace. Before updating the office inventory to exclude these items, take a look at why office printers are still important for businesses.

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Computers Crash

Technological issues are not uncommon, and in the event that your computer crashes and your hard drive is wiped, you could potentially lose important information if you didn’t back-up your files. By printing and keeping hard copies of important personal and company data, employee and client information, and company policies, you will have back-ups in case documents can’t be recovered after a computer malfunction.


Clients Have Different Needs

Even though your business decided to go paperless, there are other companies that didn’t. If your client is an old-school business that doesn’t use advanced technology, it might be easier for them to have hard copies of important documents. As a business, putting clients first is a priority, and you must be able to give them options on how they want or need to receive data.



Depending on what your business specializes in, contracts with clients might be mandatory. Being able to print these contracts is important because physical signatures on hard copy are more secure and official than an online signature.



Now That You Know They’re Important, What’s A Good Printer?


Despite the push to make everything digital, some businesses require a printer for their line of work. There are several printer companies that make productive, efficient, and award-winning products. Depending on what your company needs—a large printer for big projects or a multi-function for efficiency — there are different printers available.

Don’t know what printer your office needs? Cobb Technologies works with clients to find the best cutting-edge technology for their business. Clients can order and receive their printers in Virginia Beach and other office locations.


Konica Minolta Printers

Cobb Technologies offers several printers from industry-leading manufacturers like Canon, Konica Minolta, and Kyocera. Konica Minolta offers a variety of printers that suit the need of any client. Like other leading brands that Cobb Technologies offers, Minolta offers these cost-efficient printers that increase productivity and exceed expectation:


Multi-function office printers

Minolta’s award-winning multifunction printer integrates all paper technology needs into one software for multifunctional productivity. This office printer allows clients to print, copy, and scan from one machine.


Production office printers

For production clients who need to produce high-quality products, Minolta’s line of production office printers has revolutionary color image quality, ultra-high-speed B&W output, and an inline finishing option to help clients in a competitive field with large demand.


Wide Format Office Printers

For businesses that need to print out large documents like public-works documents, Minolta’s Wide format office printer offers superior image quality and scalable configurations for any project.

Whatever your business specializes in, the certified business improvement specialists at Cobb Technologies can find what you need. You can order Konica Minolta printers in Virginia Beach, VA at Cobb Technologies.