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6 min read

Chatbots - When and How to Use Them

Is your business in the business of helping other businesses? Or providing a service for customers?

5 min read

The 12 Questions You Should Ask Your Provider Before Buying a Copier

What should you know about a copier service provider before purchasing a copier from them? Are there certain questions you should ask to make sure...

3 min read

What is Square9?

How many minutes of your day are taken up by scanning, and organizing documents? If you were to lose one of those documents, how would it affect your...

2 min read

Shipping Back Your Leased Copier: Step By Step Instructions

Are you in the process of terminating your old copier’s lease? Were you informed that it is your responsibility to ship back your old copier, and now...

3 min read

End of Lease Buyouts: Step-by-Step Instructions

Is your copier’s lease coming to an end soon? Are you wondering what steps you need to take to successfully end your lease and stop payments to your...

3 min read

The Dangers of Changing Your Digital Environment Without Including Your Technology Providers

Did you know making changes to your digital environment can interrupt something as simple as the ability to print and scan from your workstation? Did...

3 min read

How Do I Know If a Potential Copier Service Provider is Reputable?

Are you currently searching for someone to service, supply, and manage your office’s copiers? Are you wondering how to separate the wheat from the...

3 min read

What is an SPF Record, and Why is it Important?

Are you the youngest person in the office, and as such, you’re the de facto IT Director? Did you nod enthusiastically when your CFO asked if you...

What Does Delivery Day Look Like?

4 min read

What Does Delivery Day Look Like?

Join Evan Davis as he guides you through Cobb's equipment delivery day!

3 min read

What's Better - Purchasing a Large Format Printer Online or from an Independent Dealer?

Are you currently shopping for a new large format printer, and you’re left wondering why a printer model can cost about $1,000 to $2,000 less when...