Todd Brown

Todd Brown is a Regional Sales Manager for Cobb's Charlottesville, Lynchburg, and Roanoke offices, and has worked in the print and imaging industry for six years, with twenty-eight years of sales experience under his belt. When Todd isn't helping businesses discover the best technology and imaging solutions, he's coaching lacrosse, or working as a fly fishing guide.

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Sustainability: How Print Releaf Makes Eco-Friendly Printing a Reality

2 min read

How PrintReleaf Makes Eco-Friendly Printing a Reality

Discover how PrintReleaf is revolutionizing business sustainability by making eco-friendly printing a reality. Learn how this platform allows businesses to actively replant trees and offset their environmental impact through certified reforestation...

What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Church Copier

7 min read

What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Church Copier

In this video, we’re going to answer the six questions our church clients ask us most frequently when they're looking to get a new copier for their...

4 min read

How Do I Find The Best Copier?

Every business is unique — and yours is no different. If your business did what everyone else did, you probably wouldn’t be in business. That special...

2 min read

Month to Month Leasing vs. Starting a New Lease - Which is More Cost Effective?

In six months, the lease on your copier will end — and it is about time too! You’re ready to stop worrying about it, and simply leave your machine to...

3 min read

Which Copier Jams the Least?

It happened again — the copier is jammed. What is it, the second time this week? There has to be something wrong with this thing.

3 min read

How Can Print Management Help Me Manage My Remote Printer Fleet?

Working from home has morphed from an experimental trend, to a mainstay of what employees expect from their office. Often, however, these employees...

2 min read

Do I Need a Service Contract for My Copier?

WHAT IS A SERVICE CONTRACT? A service contract acts much like an extended protection plan on a home appliance or a maintenance plan for your car or...

3 min read

How Can I Save Money by Managing my Prints?

How much money do you think your business loses to wasted prints? It might be more than you expect. Many businesses can quickly blow through allowed...

2 min read

Who Are the Best Printer and Copier Dealers in Virginia?

There are many methods of buying a printer or copier — whether through online retailers, big box stores, dealers, or the manufacturers themselves,...

2 min read

How Can a Copier Save My Business Money?

If there is one measure of operations that can accurately determine the profitability of a company, it is efficiency. The more productive your...